Planning meeting notes for 2008-07-16


  • Igal Koshevoy
  • Ian Dees
  • Chris Dawson

When's next meeting?

Friday, July 18, 6pm via Skype contact us for details. Add to planning page. [Igal]

How to negotiate potential sponsorships?

Chris volunteered to write up an internal document describing the strategy, how to segment sponsorships, how to setup incentives for them, etc. Chris also volunteered to work with potential sponsors once they've expressed interest. Thanks, Chris! Content posted to staff for review [Chris]

How many computers can teams use during competition?

One and only one. This preserves the spirit of letting the audience see everything that's needed to build the app. It may also be cool to see what reference websites the teams are using. Having only one computer also makes it fairer for teams that only have one computer available or only one person writing the code. Responded to James Foster who asked. Updated competition page. [Igal]

Record show on video?

Chris can bring his video camera to record the proceedings. This should help share knowledge with a wider audience, help publicize the event for the future, and provide a persistent record for the sponsors contributions, which will help encourage them. Add to todo page [Igal]


Who runs the camera? Sequesters people? Operates the timer notebook? Helps with cleanup? Add to todo list. Post to pdxruby. [Igal]