• New task [Name of person responsible]
  • In-progress task [Name of person responsible] (work that's outstanding)
  • Completed task : status description [Name of person responsible]


  • Add sponsors banner for invoiced entities, plus Boxpopuli Pragmaticraft, Ian's book [Igal]
  • Send invoices to: [Igal]
    • GemStone
    • WeoGeo
    • OTBC
    • Revelation



  • CubeSpace, Eva Schweber & David Kominsky : they've okayed the time/date and plan [Igal]

Potential sponsorships

We have all the sponsors we need, no need to get additional ones.

  • Need to contact
    • AboutUs
    • JanRain
    • Sandy
    • Stikkit
    • OpenSourcery [Chris]
  • Yes
    • Igal Koshevoy : I'll foot whatever's left on the bill if we can't wrangle enough sponsorships on such short notice [Igal]
    • WeoGeo: Scott Becker, Brian Artiaco : Yes [Chris]
    • GemStone, Monty Williams : Yes [Igal/Chris]
    • OTBC : Yes [Chris]
  • Negotiating
    • Powells, Ben Hengst : [Ian] (in progress; can give us discounted gift cards; waiting to learn exact amount) (also contact David? about support) [Chris]
    •, Manuel Espino : Yes [Igal] (negotiating specifics)
    • New Relic [Igal] (contacted, told to wait till Monday)
  • No response yet
    • EngineYard: Leah Silber (lsilberATengineyardDOTcom), Brian Ford (Ian wrote to Brian about his OSCON talk) [Ed]
    • Kongregate: Jason Watkins, Duncan Beevers, Ben Munat [Ian] (contacted)
    • OSU OSL [Chris] (contacted)
    • Microsoft [Chris] (contacted)
    • Pivotal Labs, Brian Takita [Chris] (contacted)
    • POSSE [Chris] (contacted)
    • Intel [Chris] (contacted)
    • Sun [Chris] (contacted)
    • POSSE [Chris] (contacted)
  • No
    • Needmore: Ray Brigleb [Ian]
    • RightScale: Mark Johnson, Dane Jensen : No [Igal]
    • ENTP / ActiveReload / Courtnay Gaskin, Rick Olsen : No [Ian]
    • O'Reilly: Marsee Henon (marseeATorellyDOTcom) or other contact : No [Chris]

Potential competitors

  • Yes
    • pdxruby: Sam Livingston-Gray and Brian Artiaco will participate and submitted their sample application [Igal]
    • Portland Drupal, Selena Decklemann, Sam Keen: Jakob Perry and Josh Brauer will participate and submitted their sample application [Igal]
    • PDXPHP, Sam Keen, Moxley Stratton: Chris Alan will participate and submitted their sample application [Igal]
    • GemStone/S Smalltalk Seaside, Monty Williams, Randal Schwartz: James Foster will participate [Igal]
  • No
    • Portland Pythoneers, Jason Kirtland : Posted to list, no responses [Igal]
    • Portland Django, Michael Richardson : Posted to list, no responses [Igal]

Potential presenters

  •, Manuel Espino [Igal] (in progress)
  • MagLev, Monty Williams : No [Igal]
  • Ian Dees on Selenium : Yes
  • Igal Koshevoy on server automation with AutomateIt : Yes
  • Audrey Eschright, Reid Beels, Igal Koshevoy on Calagator and Ruby culture : Yes
  • Ed Borasky on profiling Ruby on Rails: Yes

Potential speakers from past events

Media outlets

  • Write a call for proposals (CFP) and post to various media outlets too, not just an announcement [Ed]
  • O'Reilly Ruby journalist, Gregory Brown [Ed]
  • O'Reilly wiki? [Ian]
  • O'Reilly organizers?
  • RubyInside/Zen of Ruby Programming? [Ed]
  • RidingOnRails [Ian]
  • ruby-talk? [Ed]
  • Seattle Ruby [Ed]
  • rubyonrails-talk? [Ed]
  • Any others?


  • Video record event using Chris' camera
  • Buy and transport beer kegs to CubeSpace (get receipt, Igal will reimburse)
  • Help presenters hook up their computers to the projectors
  • Setup food, drinks, screens and projectors before event
  • Teardown screens, projectors and cleanup food after event
  • Find charity that we can give extra food and drinks to after event [Igal] (working with CubeSpace)
  • Give FOSCON fliers/handouts to Sam Keen at PDXPHP and XMPP Summit booths [Audrey]
  • Put up event fliers and handouts at OSCON on Tuesday and Wednesday [Audrey]
  • Sequester 2nd round teams during 1st round of coding competition [Audrey]
  • Manage timer, a laptop facing the speaker will provide a count down. [Ed]
  • Save slices of veggie pizza and beer for Ian, and guard these with their lives until he returns from his shuttling duties. [Igal]

Advertising materials

Our materials must at least mention the what, where, when bits. The handouts / cards should definitely have a map on them explaining how to get there via bus, foot, and (if we offer it), a shuttle. We should list the OSCON booth as well.

  • 8.5” x 11” and 11” x 17” fliers to put up on walls at OSCON and in the booth
    • Design
    • Print
    • Distribute
  • Business cards, eighty-sheet or quarter-sheet handouts
    • Design
    • Print
    • Distribute

Shuttle service

  • Rent ZipCar minivan from 5:30 to 7:00 [Ian]
  • Update transportation info on main page, venue page [Ian]