FOSCON 2008: Cooking with Ruby

What: FOSCON is a free, fun gathering of Ruby fans held during an evening of O'Reilly's OSCON conference with cool presentations, food, discussions, and a live coding competition.
Who:Anyone interested in Ruby, whether you're just curious or a seasoned pro.
Where:CubeSpace, Portland, Oregon near the Oregon Convention Center (directions).
When:Wednesday, July 23, 2008 from 6pm-9pm.
Why:The Portland Ruby Brigade user group wants to share the joy of Ruby with you.

Sponsored by

OTBC NewRelic Powell's Books Stoel Rives Revelation boxpopuli Pragmaticraft Ian Dees WeoGeo Morph GemStone


  • IronRuby: John Lam
  • Ruby performance: Brian Ford
  • Hardware Hacking with Ruby Arduino: Gregory Borenstein
  • Ruby++!…?: Markus Roberts on defining custom operators
  • Five minutes with Selenium: Ian Dees, author of "Scripted GUI Testing with Ruby"
  • Ruby culture: Audrey Eschright, Reid Beels and Igal Koshevoy of Calagator
  • Ruby business: David Abramowski from Morph on “10 steps to turn an idea into a business: You have an idea and the ability to write a RoR application. Now what do you do?”
  • Instrumenting Rails: Bill Kayser of NewRelic
  • Ruby server automation: Igal Koshevoy on AutomateIt
  • Ruby on Rails profiling: M. Edward Borasky on applying Linux OProfile
  • Ruby web development: John Labovitz on Gossamer, a microframework to spin websites out of distributed, lightweight, ephemeral resources
  • Live coding competition: Ruby on Rails, PHP Symfony, PHP Drupal, and GemStone/S Smalltalk Seaside (details)
  • … and your presentation here!


Preliminary schedule:

  • 6pm Food, drinks and socializing
  • 6:30pm Intros and sponsors
  • 6:45pm Presentations
  • 8:00pm Live coding competition
  • 9pm exit(0)

Getting There

CubeSpace is right down the road from the Convention Center (directions). You can walk there in about 15 minutes, catch the #6 bus for $1.75 (exact change unless you want to lose that extra quarter), or…

We'll be running the FOSCON Chuck Wagon from the Convention Center entrance (the one closest to the OSCON session rooms) from 5:45 to 6:30. Look for a Honda minivan with the official FOSCON sign. Accept no substitutes!

Present at FOSCON

We're looking for presenters to share the excitement and value of Ruby. We'll give you 5 to 15 minutes to show off your best Ruby-related creations, demos, and cultural discoveries. Please contact us with your ideas as soon as possible.

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, we've met our funding goals. Please visit their websites from the sponsors banner to learn more about their offerings.

Organize FOSCON

We need help organizing the event, please contact us if you can assist.


Drop us a line, or come by our OSCON booth (#814) in the Expo Hall on Tuesday or Wednesday.